The Future Awards Africa

The Future Awards Africa (TFAA) is the flagship project of The Future Project (TFP), a social enterprise set up with a strong commitment to youth development in Africa, while finding effective and innovative ways of addressing social issues. From its roots in recognising the positive role that the youth have had in Nigeria, TFP has a strong focus on fostering leadership, enterprise and governance in young Africans, and equipping them to take charge of the continent’s economy and active members of its leadership institutions.

TFAA seeks to inspire leadership and build enterprise in young Africans between the ages of 18 and 31, by recognising and celebrating hard work and contributions made by these young people. Since its inception in 2005, TFAA has created and connected a new set of change-makers and nation-builders in diverse sectors across the continent—from activism to entrepreneurship, in creativity and innovation.

TFAA, described as ‘The Nobel Prize for Young Africans’ by the World Bank, is the biggest youth centred event in Africa. Forbes has also described the awards as Nigeria’s most important awards for outstanding young Africans.  In its nine years, The Future Awards Africa has produce 1200 winners from Nigeria and all over Africa, who have created meaningful and direct impact, locally and globally.

TFAA is focused on highlighting and supporting Africans that are dedicated to solving problems, awakening hope as Africa’s youth discover the potential and power within the continent—and see how harnessing those gifts can change their world.