Insecurity is the major issue highlighted in Mubi in addition to the displacement of people who now live in the IDP camps set up for them. Another major issue is the spread of diseases. People released from hostage often come back riddled with various communicable diseases. They however do not want to go to the few hospitals available because of a perceived sense of ridicule and humiliation. Hence, they stay at home and move around town where friends and family members will contact these diseases.

Speaking to one of the hub’s volunteers, we were told that the animals in Mubi have turned carnivorous. Having found nothing to feed on over time, they began to feed on the bodies of people killed by the bomb blasts and may now turn to killing and eating humans. As such, every animal in town is to be killed as a way of protecting human life.

TFAA in conjunction with Initiative for Human Rights set up a hub here.


Hub : Initiative for Human Rights

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