CSR Initiatives in Nigeria

CSR Initiatives in Nigeria

CSR involves individuals within a business recognising the various ways that their business processes negatively affect people and the communities they serve and then devising a solution to help tackle it. Despite its transformative power and positive influence on businesses and firms, corporate social responsibility is still a poorly understood concept amongst business leaders and executives in Nigeria, which has resulted in them undertaking a more voluntary and philanthropic approach to CSR. However, CSR Initiatives in Nigeria and Africa at large goes beyond charitable giving. It is the corporate world’s ethical and economic responsibility and, as such, should be treated as a priority.

With 17 Sustainable Development goals, there are many directions organisations and businesses can take when it comes to CSR initiatives in Nigeria. The most common aspects include community life, environment and health. Starting with the local community, companies can provide clean and safe water or even engage in youth empowerment programmes for the locals. They can also encourage employees to volunteer to reduce litter buildup on streets and roadsides, thereby protecting the natural environment and promoting the community as a clean and healthy place to live and work. Health-related CSR initiatives are in high demand, especially with the rapidly increasing global health issues. Companies can contribute to health by organising health outreaches and awareness programs, ensuring that their goods comply with health and safety regulations or even provide funding for health research and innovation.

Organising CSR initiatives in Nigeria requires strategic implementation.  While small businesses may decide to partner with charities or NGOs to fulfill their social responsibility, others prefer to organise them through foundations to make it easier for different stakeholders to know where and how to approach CSR matters.

For businesses that do not run a foundation, choosing the right CSR initiative can seem like a daunting task; however, it does not have to be done alone. Development solutions firms such as The Future Consult are focused mainly on providing plug-and-play and tools for development, social change, community relations and consumer social responsibility (CSR) initiatives and can help you find the right CSR initiative best suited to your business.

Whether you choose to do it through a foundation, partner with an NGO or employ a development solutions firm’s services, being a socially responsible organisation has long-term benefits for your company when adequately handled.