The Future project in partnership with AYECI Africa, has commenced yet another laudable initiative; the IAMDIGITAL project, which is geared to train youths with basic computing and communication skills, and also provide them with online learning opportunities, in order to prepare them for the job market.

The unemployment situation in the country could be significantly reduced when/if the majority of the nation’s youth are armed with digital skills, which most job opportunities and employers require nowadays.

The IAMDIGITAL Project is designed to effectively narrow the digital literacy divide by promoting IT accessibility, and its utilization by young people.

The project’s goal by the end of 2016 is to train 1,000 beneficiaries at the bottom of the development pyramid to become digitally literate and develop employable digital skills.

However, The Future project cannot do it alone, and as such requires the partnership of the public to donate as many as possible ‘used-but-still-useful’ computers, to help in the initiative.

These so-called ‘outdated’ equipment may not be corporate standards but remain useful to young people that are being targeted by the initiaive.

Individuals and corporate organizations can donate PCs to provide the much-needed technology access for disadvantaged young people who would be participating in the IAMDIGITAL project.

This effort will help ensure that more young people get access to technology and digital literacy training so they can become full participants in the economy, increase their employability and keep them off the streets.

The project is scheduled to commence in March 2015 and the the pilot phase of the project will feature twenty (20) selected undergraduate students.

IAMDIGITAL Project will run for five (5) days and participants will get to learn about Basic Microsoft Office Module, Business Communication Skills Module and Corporate Readiness Module.

Participants who successfully complete the training and assessment will be awarded a certificate.

Would you rather dispose your outdated PCs? Or put it to good use by donating it to the IAMDIGITAL project today?

Are you interested in donating? Mail [email protected]IAMDIGITAL