[VIDEO] Mr Eazi talks love and music following Future Awards nomination

By WANJIKU KIMANI on The Star Kenya

Nigerian music star Mr Eazi rocked Nairobi at his performance this past weekend performing his popular hits to a hyped up and loving crowd at Privee in Westlands, Nairobi.

You might recognise his songs by his catch phrase “Zagga Dat”. We caught up with the down to earth singer who was all smiles, even after a hectic evening in Tanzania.

He describes his music as ‘Banku’ – a type of Ghanaian cassava dish – which used to make him drowsy if he ate it before recording tracks, resulting in the unique ‘lazy-like’ sound of his songs.

His name came about after he had to settle payments after an event he organised didn’t go as planned and has to constantly tell creditors to ‘take it easy’ and the name stuck.

When asked about his love life, he revealed he was newly single saying “Unfortunately, I just got single three weeks ago” going to say his busy schedule was not the best for a relationship.

As we all know with celebs, they usually have a lot of crazy fans as well as girls throwing themselves at them or beef with other artistes.

Mr. Eazi seems to be immune to such stunts, happily admitting to being a ‘runner’.

He would rather run away before any craziness arises, and watches from a distance.

At 25 years of age, Mr Eazi is a nominee for the Future Awards Africa which has been described by Forbes as the “most important awards for outstanding young Africans”.

He is up against the likes of Yemi Alade and Falz, which to many might seem intimidating but to him, “It’s no big deal. I don’t put too much thought into all these things. I just focus on the music. I’m thankful, but I just focus on the music”.

Well, check out the full video interview below: