Why you should register for the TFESS ‘YesOrWow’ design training this June

As part of its unrelenting efforts to upskill the African youth, The Future Project will hold the third edition of the YesOrWow graphics design training in conjunction with one of Nigeria’s fastest-growing design agencies, FourthCanvas between June 26-30, 2017 in Surulere, Lagos.

In what has consistently brought in some of the top leaders in the design industry, this edition which is also supported by renowned design agency, Cregital comes with a number of reasons that will interest you.

If only for this reasons, do everything you can and register as soon as possible.

1. First, design is the future.

It is important to expand on the underlying reality that makes this training a major decision to make or not.
The future is fully digital and with the traditional barriers to media and communication off the path, more and more brands will emerge. That in returns means we will increasingly have so many things and messages flying around at the same time and in with the communication crowd to emerge, brands need more than ever to speak more distinctly and beautifully. Now you see the point and the role of visuals in that, and then the potential for careers in design.

2. Holiday option for full-time company employees

Monday 26 and Tuesday 27 June, 2017 are public holidays, meaning two days free of employment obligation which would have made it difficult or impossible for people on paid employment who have a ‘side-interest’ to learn design. The organizers also allow for a 50% discount for people who can only attend on these two days. With Introduction to design and Introductory Software Training on the calendar for the first and second day, which makes a lot of sense for attendees who will consider to maximize this unique opportunity.

3. The crop of top designers in the country slated for the training
As part of the culture of the training series, this edition comes with its own list of big names. Headlined by The Future Awards winner Evans Akanno of Cregital (one of Nigeria’s top design agencies), the list of facilitators include top design and brand communication specialist, Oluwole Fanegan and CEO at FourthCanvas (co-organizer of the training), Victor Fatanmi, . The “master list” also includes two Obafemi Awolowo university alumni who attained huge fame while on campus as A-list design experts and coordinated the prominent designer development initiative, Campace — Tunji Ogunoye of Sigma Brands (as well as FourthCanvas) and Ogunkunle Charles of Ferricool Studios.

4. Internship opportunities with top design agencies
With a number of design agencies being a part of this and a lot of others literally watching, students from the training stand a good chance to intern with some of the agencies in and out of Lagos. The design review session which will be on Thursday is to hold at the Cregital office. The last time this happened (first edition of the training), it was a huge motivation for the designers and a number of the students got on with the agency as interns after the training. Yes! Its also a massive opportunity for networking among students that can lead to future partnerships, collaboration and exchange of ideas.Also students are added to an online WhatsApp group where there engender continuous conversation and exchange of ideas which can also translate to a place for sharing opportunities and offers.

5. Access to design resources and softwares

The design tutors will share links to resources and provide guides to where designers can get help and inspiration on the internet. There will also be a lot of sharing of access to fonts and stock imagery, while the software classes will also include access to some free design setup files for installation. Hence in one week you can fast-track the growth of your design assets and resources and move faster, way up from a starting level.

6. Practical approach and review sessions

In what has become a standard practice for the model, the training is consciously beyond theory and the tutors design the classes with a lot of examples, tasks and reviews. This edition prioritises practical by dedicating the whole of Thursday June 29 for a review of design tasks and assignments to hold at the Cregital office, with Evans Akanno.

YesOrWow has a growing alumni of designers who continue to build successful careers in design and this is a great opportunity for you to take the big step towards your desire or already initiated move towards becoming a professional graphics designer. Call +2348022226712 or send a mail to [email protected]