#ActiveCitizens: Few hours to the presidential elections, you will need to take the following along for the process

As the 2015 election is fast approaching, The Future Project suggests a few things you may need during the process:

1. Permanent Voters Card: You obviously need this to vote because, it is the only thing that makes you legible to vote. Make sure you safeguard it as much as you can.

2. A bottle of water: This may just come in handy for uncertain weather conditions, being that Saturday is a public holiday and commercial activities will seize, it is best you come prepared not frustrated.

3. Sunglasses: You may need this to protect your eyes comes from the harsh sun rays, it could be discomforting to have your eyes exposed. This is just something that could come in handy.

4. Light snacks: Peanuts, biscuits, gala, something light you can fit into your pocket or small purse. Not something heavy like a box of chicken or sandwich just in case you may need to stuff yourself with food.

5. An umbrella: The weather is highly unpredictable, it could be a downpour or harsh rays of sunlight and an umbrella definitely comes in handy. This might not be necessary if the polling booth is directly opposite your house.

6. Chewing gum: You are most likely going to be bored. Days like this are when your blackberry battery knows how to betray you and your battery drains out faster than the word “Vote”. So a chewing gum may just keep you company.
7. An empty bladder: Now remember not to take lots of water. Take little gulps at specific intervals, so that you are not tempted to use the restroom.

8. Airtime and a fully Charged BB phone: Better you come prepared with airtime on your phone just incase you need to make a phone call. Also, it is advisable you come along with your power bank to charge your unreliable BB battery.