Five (5) Reasons You Shouldn’t Miss the Future Enterprise Support Scheme (TFESS) Branding Master -class With Adebola Williams This Saturday November 5, 2016

tfess-branding-masterclassOne day to go for TFESS Branding Masterclass with Adebola Williams!

Just because building your brand (as a person or business) sets you apart and creates recognition, there is need for you to pay attention to it. It takes a lot of time and creativity to build it, but it’s worth the value it brings in the long run.

For personal branding, it delves into becoming more self-aware of what specific talents and strengths bring you the most fulfillment. As an entrepreneur, It brings clarity to the messaging you want to use-logo, values, what you sell etc.

How strong is your brand? Here are the five reasons:

  1. Write (re-write) your Brand Vision, Brand Mission, Brand Proposition, Brand Character and Brand Values
  2. Why you love some brands unconditionally (and what you can learn from them)
  3. What’s your worth? Show me your friend and I will tell you what you are worth
  4. Personal Branding: why your brand is much more than a logo
  5. Demystifying some Branding myths

Date: Saturday, November 5, 2016.

Time: 9am


To be part of this training, contact us via [email protected] or call 08022226712.


About The Future Enterprise Support Scheme (TFESS)

TFESS, one of the programs of The Future Project is a series of seminars, workshops and conferences that act as a door towards skill acquisition and capacity building in Entrepreneurship, Technology or Creative. Whether as a young professional who is looking to learn new skills or a young person just leaving the conveyor belt, navigating the world after school, TFESS program is right for you.