Oluwaseyi Sanusi: The Intern

My name is Sanusi Oluwaseyi Eric, and no, I’m not related to Sanusi Lamido Sanusi (O ye Olorun). I am from an ‘unknown’ part of Ogun state, Abeokuta. By ‘unknown’, I mean I don’t know my home town, literally. I am 5foot 9inches (sadly), fair in complexion, and I’m the first of the three children…………..  Fast forward to my higher education, I studied Applied and Computational Mathematics at the University of Lagos (UNILAG). University of first choice… beni!

I am a mel-cho (65% melancholy, 35% choleric) – in essence, I can be hot or cold. I find incredible joy in watching, playing football. Also, you can get my rapt attention with food and food only. Food is important to me, and I can get totally belligerent about it. My love for food is not mundane ooooo, in effect, food is bae. And yes, I LOVE children!

Now let’s talk about what I’m doing at The Future Project (TFP). My first day at TFP is what I call ‘ball watching,’ I was literally just staring at everyone and everything. In my mind, I was like Father forsake me not, and ‘epp’ my course. I came to TFP on April 4, 2016 with just one goal – to learn. I want to know how to work with ‘office people,’ I just want to learn about anything, more precisely Project Management.  Because I feel this is the time to learn, work, fail, lay foundations, and build bridges (people). I really appreciate the TFP for this opportunity, and I hope, for my sake, I get the best out of it. It’s an absolute delight to be here.