TFESS Photography MasterClass – Become an Expert!

Learn from the best in the Photography industry in Nigeria in The Future Enterprise Support Scheme (TFESS) Photography Workshop 2017 set up for upcoming and aspiring young photographers who want to learn and perfect their skills in the art of photography as a career or an entrepreneurial endeavour.

Photography, as a powerful medium of expression and communication, offers an infinite variety of perception, interpretation and execution which the workshop would proffer training on how best to explore. The workshop has a distinctive structure that makes sure that no matter the level of knowledge the attendees may have, learning and improvement must still take place.

The Future Photography Workshop is put together for aspiring young photographers who want to learn or fine-tune the skill of picture taking with the aim of setting up a business or getting a job. The workshop has a distinctive structure that lends itself to learning and improvement regardless of the level of knowledge of the attendees.

The curriculum consists a variety of theoretical and practical demonstrations with topics including LightingDepth of FieldVisual AestheticsComposition & editing and more to be extensively discussed.

The Future Enterprise Support Scheme (TFESS), as a program under The Future Project reaches out to young people through training, workshops and conferences in skill acquisition, capacity building and entrepreneurship.

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To register, click on this link http:/ send an email to [email protected] or call Jeffrey Okolo on 08022226712

Opportunity to register for this master class closes today, March 17th, 2017.