Branding Master-class – Three (3) Reasons You Shouldn’t Miss this session on Saturday the 18th of March, 2017!

Few days to go for TFESS Branding Masterclass!

The Future Enterprise Support Scheme presents a one-day intensive master-class as an empowering and creative course to help participants plan, build personal and business brands.

Personal brand is a vivid indication of the best you have to offer and value your employer/client can expect from you.
Here are 3 reasons, why you should not miss this:

  1. Crop of facilitators: With the crop of facilitators who will be available to take the session, you wouldn’t want to be left out. They are:

Osayi Alile: is the Immediate past Chairperson Women in Management, Business and Public Service (WIMBIZ) and the CEO of ACT Foundation.

A facilitator/management trainer, Osayi is the founding curator, Global Shapers Forum Nigeria.
Owing to her experience, she has worked with many brands within and outside the country. Osayi sits on the board of several organisations that includes, House of Tara, Chairperson, Zapphire Events, Culinary Academy and Global Dignity, an affiliation of the World Economic Forum in Norway.

She will be speaking on demystifying some brand myths, Brand sustainability and more.

Adaora Mbelu: She has worked on projects across various industries, as a Project Manager, Media Manager, Content Director/Developer on projects such as: Copa Lagos, X Factor Nigeria, The United Nations World Tourism Organization conference, Nigeria Centenary Awards 2014, Presidential Democracy Day event with former President Goodluck Jonathan, and International Conference on Peace and Security (with 28 World Leaders in attendance). Adaora is currently the CEO of A2 Creative, a business and brand management company that specializes in creative strategy, marketing, and brand development that help brands connect to their target audience through innovative strategy and experiential marketing.

She will be speaking on Personal branding

Tomilayo Akanni-Aluko is a Brand Consultant & Life Coach, at The Olusola Lanre Coaching Academy (OLCA), which provides you a unique opportunity to give meaning to your Career, Business, Relationships and Life through our various Bespoke Coaching Programs. Over years, Tomilayo has garnered experience in Brand management and has facilitated many trainings and workshops.

She will be speaking on positioning your brand and the use of Social media


       2. What you will gain:

CUSTOMER CONNECTIVITY: Good brands connect with customers emotionally. You want customers to feel good emotionally when they engage with your company and products.

BRANDS GENERATE REFERRALS: Good branding leads to product sharing by customers. When they buy your product, they share your brand through wearing your product, eating your product, etc.

BRANDS CREATE EXPERIENCE AND IS A PROMISE: Customers want to purchase products from companies that will take care of them. Creating a brand allows your company to state their promise to the customer.

BRANDS PROVIDE VALUE & SETS YOU APART: Strong brands give companies value beyond just their physical assets. In today’s market, companies are never safe from competition so it’s critical that your brand stands apart from others.


  1. Pool of Participants:

You will have a good opportunity to relate with like-minds from different industries and share ideas. This goes a long way for you.


We hope with this few points of ours we have been able to convince you and not to confuse you that…: D

Save the Date: Saturday, March 18, 2017.

Time: 11am

Contact us via [email protected] or call 08022226712 to register

Registration closes March 17, 2017.


Only 30 seats available.