Youth Development in Nigeria and Africa

Across the world, youth development has proven to be a critical component in achieving sustainable development in any society. Locally and globally, youth who are empowered with tools, resources and knowledge are more likely to be able to address the socio-economic challenges that their societies face. This is why governments and non-governmental organizations have continued to place a priority on youth development initiatives in Nigeria and Africa.

Despite the increasing number of youth development programs in Nigeria and Africa, The Future Africa (TFA) prides itself as one that is highly invested in building quality citizens who will go on to commit to the social and economic development of Africa through leadership and other means. The Future Africa’s goal is to become the largest network of young Africans working together to solve some of the continent’s biggest issues and is well on its way to achieving this goal.

Through its flagship event, The Future Awards Africa, which first held in 2004, TFA has recognized hundreds of young people who are making significant impact across key sectors such as public service, advocacy, education, journalism, professional service, agriculture, among others. The Future Africa also provides several platforms for youth to engage directly with leaders, thus encouraging youth participation in government and accountability on the part of the leaders. This is achieved through the National Symposium for Young and Emerging Leaders that is held annually.

With storytelling being a powerful tool for effecting social change, The Future Africa also employs this tool in shaping important narratives and amplifying the voices of disadvantaged people and communities. In 2017, the initiative documented over 20 personal tales of survival and recovery across seven cities affected by the activities of terrorists and insurgents in Northern Nigeria.

These efforts are in addition to its monitoring and accountability project, Y! Monitor and short term initiatives that have empowered young people in Africa’s technology space by providing them with the skills required to thrive. To achieve its mission, The Future Africa engages the services of youth volunteers who invest their time and expertise in empowering other youth.