The Future Project Africa launches Local Government Performance Report (LGPR) …assess the delivery of public goods by Local Governments in Lagos.

The Future Project Africa has launched the Local Government Performance Report – a report aimed at assessing the delivery of public goods and services by local governments in Lagos.

The novel project launched on Tuesday, 11th May, in which a pool of dedicated research associates surveyed Lagosians across the 20 local governments in Lagos. The report gathered crucial insights on the effective delivery of local government administration in Lagos, resulting in a 24-paged report. The report, which consists of the opinions of 6,531 Lagosians surveyed, shows that 67.31% are unaware of any project executed by their local government administration. Furthermore, it offers vital conclusions and recommendations on revitalising the local government system in Nigeria.

Speaking on the purpose of the report, Senior Advisor at The Future Project, Bukonla Adebakin, said, “Local government administration is meant to pivot public goods and developmental projects to people at the grassroots – those who may never have the platform to make known their demands to the state governments. However, development has not thrived up to public expectations at this level due to the lack of open, transparent and accountable local government administration in Lagos State. To foster accountability, it is essential that Lagosians and Nigerians in general, have access to a detailed report assessing the performance of local government administrations hence, the Local government performance report.” she concluded.

With a mandate to build empowered citizens across Africa through inclusive enterprise and active citizenship, The Future Project (TFP) is on a mission to inspire a generation of equipped leaders committed to social and economic development.

The Local Government Performance Report is presented by YMonitor, The Future Project and National Endowment for Democracy. To download the report, visit our dedicated portal ( and follow @Y_Monitor & @Tfaafrica to keep up with the latest news.