YMonitor Accountability Project: Five years impact story

YMonitor accountability project is an initiative of The Future Project Africa (TFP), a developmental organisation dedicated to building a network of empowered citizens – through jobs, entrepreneurship and active citizenship.

Since its inception, it has focused on highlighting crucial accountability issues at the Federal, State, and Local Government levels. Through our Accountability Projects and online and offline activities, YMonitor has effectively monitored, tracked, and provided helpful information to citizens on issues crucial to governance in the last five years.

For its five years of existence, YMonitor has executed several projects in partnership with various civil society and media organisations in Nigerian.

In 2016, YMonitor was launched In partnership with National Endowment For Democracy (NED) and YNaija. Within the year, YMonitor started a track and report project on the construction of roads across Nigeria. It also embarked on advocacy on the passage of legislative bills in the Nigerian Assembly. 

In 2017, the YMonitor Quarterly Show was kickstarted. Other projects executed include citizens grassroots engagement, Radio Conversations and Citizens Insight Game on radio and My First Vote; My Vote My Voice Cartoon.

In 2019, YMonitor launched the Instagram Community Platform; it also started the Know Your Lawmaker series, Data Satire, to humorously drive the conversation on crucial policy issues and the Pothole Tracker project to spotlight bad roads in Nigeria.

The year 2020 saw the YMonitor/TFP partnership with Rubbin’ Minds for Symposium. Projects started in the year include YMonitor Policy Briefs to review and recommend government policies focusing on public interest, Know Your Constituency Projects, Spotlights on Federation Account Allocation for all States, Covid-19 journey map/timeline, YMonitor Discourse and YMonitor Opinions. 

In 2021, YMonitor started a nationwide Freedom of Information campaign and trained 35 social innovators on the Freedom of Information Act. It also started the Local Government Performance Report, where 40 research supports were onboarded in Lagos. Within the year, YMonitor crunched 100 policy issues through Data satire. 

To achieve a better Nigeria, YMonitor has continued to be pivotal in championing governance and accountability across facets of government in Nigeria.